Clash of Avengers: Top Heroes Battle - Defense War

Clash of Avengers Top Heroes Battle - Defense War

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Clash of Multiverse: Legendary Heroes Battle is a multi player online war strategy mobile game integrating "Tower Defense + Hero Cultivation".
As a commander, players will not only build bases, develop sci-tech, cultivate heroes, train troops, consolidate urban defense, and resist the invasion of zombies and sneak attacks of enemy troops in the Apocalypse, but also join hands with the partners of alliance in the Global League War Grand Prix to achieve the ultimate glory!

[Clash of Multiverse Game Features]
★ RECRUIT SUPER HEROES, Build Legendary Team ★
In the innovative RPG gameplay, players can recruit superheroes from the multiverse and unlock their hidden talent skills by upgrading. At the same time, players can activate the hero's exclusive artifact and greatly improve the hero's attributes. The powerful superhero team can provide great help for you to defend your own base and capture others'.

★ UPGRADE LASTDAY BASE, Unlock High-Tech ★
In the classic tower defense SLG gameplay, players will unlock new attack and defense buildings and new technology after upgrading the base. By setting up the layout of defensive buildings and traps, players can create an unbreakable solid base to resist the enemy.

★ JOIN LEAGUE WARS, Battle with Global Players ★
Invite friends and form an alliance, participate in the Global League War, discuss the offensive and defensive strategies, and defeat other alliances to win the final victory and the greatest honor.

★ CAPTURE ENEMY CASTLES, Plunder Resources ★
Lead superheroes and senior soldiers and attack enemy fortresses, seize the opportunity to use super weapons, defeat the enemy defense system, plunder a lot of resources, and further develop your own bases.
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What's new

1. Optimized game functions
2. Fixed some bugs


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Sep 30, 2020

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Latest Version: 1.0.1

Update date: 53271-04-08