Base Jumper 3D

Base Jumper 3D

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Base Jumper 3D is the ultimate base jumping simulation game. If you’re unsure of what exactly this is, it’s skydiving without an airplane. Finding high objects and throwing yourself off and using the parachute at the last minute.

This sim will allow you to jump from a variety of stunning 3D scenes, from huge city buildings to cliffs, rock faces and water dams.

While in freefall, you will be able to change you speed moving you body position for a faster or slower speed. During the freefall you can manoeuvre yourself through coloured rings to earn points and when you’re near the bottom, don’t forget to deploy your parachute.

This really is the ultimate base jump game with stunning realistic scenes.

20 stunning levels, set across a huge variety of scenes. Tons of different outfits, parachutes, freefall costumes and helmets to pick from.
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Small fixes and improvments.


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May 15, 2017

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Latest Version: 2

Update date: 49348-07-25