hubo - Make new Snapchat friends

hubo - Make new Snapchat friends

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hubo is the best place to make new friends from all over the world! Discover new cultures, fill your Snapchat map, do streaks and increase your story views. You asked how?! It's simple:

1. swipe right to ask your new bestie for their Snapchat username.

2. get notified when they accept your request,

3. add them on Snapchat with one click!

Your Snapchat username is private, you decide who can see it and who you really want to be snap friends with! You can refuse every request you receive, or just say yolo and add everyone on Snapchat!

Earn Gems

You need gems to ask for Snapchat usernames. But they're super easy to earn:

• share hubo with your friends

• check-in every day

• make new friends on hubo!

When using hubo, we ask you to follow one golden rule: always be kind. If you post inappropriate content or try to bully someone, you will be banned. tbh, this is just common sense!

If you have an idea for hubo or just want to give us some feedback, lmk by emailing [email protected]
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What's new

We're back with our biggest update so far 🥳 Featuring:

- Filters! Now you can filter users by gender, country and age range 😜
- More gems awarded on your first login of the day (don't forget to claim it!)
- You'll now see less repeated profiles when searching for your new BFF 👻
- A new screen to make editing your profile easier and more intuitive.
- Fixed a bug where users on specific Android versions couldn't upload new photos.

And more!


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Jul 11, 2020

hubo - Make new Snapchat friends Install APK

hubo - Make new Snapchat friends Install APK GooglePlay

Latest Version: 1.2.0

Update date: 53244-11-20